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Volume 30 No. 2, 2006  
Cover Feature: Prehistoric Mosaic Jewelry of the American Southwest.

Mina Norton A Playful Classicism. Laura McCabe Beadwork Fusions. Devta Doolan An Aesthetic of Simplicity. Breaking the Mode. Kee-Ho Yuen Orchestration of Contraries. Exhibition Uncommon Metals. Venue American Craft Show in Baltimore. Bead Arts Trajectories. Venue CRAFTBOSTON. Exhibition Power Dressing. Marketplace House of Gems

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Front Cover of Ornament Magazine Vol30  No1,  2006 Volume 30 No. 1, 2006

PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART CRAFT SHOW 2006. Vladimir Péter Elevating Everyday Life. Diane Harty Hats for Literal and Metaphorical Travels. Ron Ho Sought and Found. Peter Schilling A Passion for Jade. Steven Ford and David Forlano The Delicate Aesthetic Balance of Equivalent Terms. Suzanne Perilman Distilling Mystery. An Ornamental Heritage Ethnic Egyptian Silver Jewelry. Museum News The Millicent Rodgers Collection. Venue SOFA Chicago 2006. Collaboration William and Marianne Hunter. Ancient Sites Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot. Exhibition Symbols of Identity, Jewelry of Five Continents. Exhibition Kiff Slemmons, Re:Pair & Imperfections. Bead Arts Sharif Bey. Fiber Arts Ildikó Dobesová. Marketplace Abeada.

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Front Cover of Ornament Magazine Vol29  No5  2006 Volume 29 No. 5, 2006
Early Navajo Textles and Silver The First Phase. Todd Reed A Rare Accomplishment. Doshi Mindful Creativity. Ellen Wieske A Cross-Disciplinary Universe. Tobias Hoheisel Making Magic in The Magic Flute. Lightweight Gold Jewelry From Kerala. Mauritanian Powder-Glass Kiffa Beads Decline. Revival. Imitations. Gallery Showcase Jett Gallery. Artist Statement Lauren Van Hemert. Marketplace Jacques Carcanagues. Exhibition Hatshepsut from Queen to Pharaoh.

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Front Cover of Ornament Magazine Vol29  No4,  2006 Volume 29 No. 4, 2006  

Folded Glass Beads An Islamic Innovation. Studio Jewelers of Salida, Colorado. Giselle Shepatin Confidence Without Limits. Sydney Lynch The Medium of Memory. Darbury Stenderu Original and Imperfect. Jean Stark The Art of the Intricate. The Influence of Custom on Xhosa Beadwork. Exhibition Bellevue Arts Museum. Artist Statement Gretchen Schields. Artist Statement Laura Fisher-Bonvallet. Ethnographic Arts Yemeni Necklaces.

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Ornament Magazine  Volume 29 No. 3, 2006
Volume 29 No. 3, 2006   

2006 Smithsonian Craft Show. Karen McCreary Galaxy of Light. Beadwork Traditions of the Columbia River Plateau Honor and Identity. Susan Brooks A Mesmerizing World. Traditional Mauritanian Powder-Glass Kiffa Beads. Artist Statement Christi Friesen. Exhibition Art of Adornment: Tribal Beauty. Exhibition Thomas Mann: Storm Cycle, An Artist Responds to Hurricane Katrina. Marketplace Acme Designs.


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